Fund Administrator

Established in 1972, GVNW is a telecommunications management consulting firm that provides a wide variety of consulting services, including state universal service fund management and administration. GVNW also provides regulatory and advocacy support on issues such as universal service, jurisdictional separations, inter-carrier compensation reform, business management, and strategic planning for communications carriers in rural America. We understand and consult on most every facet of telecommunications, especially in rural areas.

State Individuality

Each state which provides Universal Service Support has unique legislative and/or statutory criteria governing how its Support Funds should be managed or administered. GVNW’s in-depth understanding of the differing requirements, blended with its management experience in providing a customized, efficient, logical, and detailed methodology, sets GVNW apart from other State Fund Administrators. Our experience in working with State Corporation Commission or Public Utility Commission staff has shown the best way to provide excellent administration of State Funds is to work as a team, with each party clearly understanding and delivering its part of the solutions.


GVNW has been involved in various mechanics of administering State Funds, for example:

  • Developing factors and mechanisms for support
  • Determining and processing appropriate monthly distributions to both average schedule and cost-based recipients
  • Utilizing its proprietary database to monitor and manage Contributor and Recipient data and information
  • Developing appropriate operation and administrative procedures to meet the individual state requirements
  • Administering High Cost Support Funds, Including Lifeline; Administering Schools & Libraries Funds; Administering Telemedicine Funds

Fund Auditor

GVNW provides carrier auditing services to verify that each contributing company is reporting accurately to the State Support Funds. Such services include onsite and desk audits of contributors, completion of an audit program for each carrier, supporting Commission staff with research and testimony as needed, and the filing of completed audit reports.

Universal Service Fund


GVNW has administered the Illinois USF (Illinois Small Company Exchange Carrier Association Fund – ISCECA) since 1998. ISCECA is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation established pursuant to the Illinois Commerce Commission’s Thirty Seventh Interim Order dated July 20, 1988.


GVNW has administered the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF) since 2008. GVNW also conducts contributing carrier audits annually to ensure carriers are in compliance with the Kansas statutes and the Kansas Corporation Commission Rules and Regulations. The KUSF was created by the enactment of House Bill 2728 (Telecommunications Act) by the 1996 Kansas Legislature.


GVNW has administered the New Mexico Universal Service Fund (NMUSF) since 2018. The NMUSF was created pursuant to the provisions of the Rural Telecommunications Act NMSA 1978, §63-9H-1, et seq. (2005)..


GVNW has administered the Oklahoma Universal Service Fund (OUSF) since 2013. The OUSF was created in conformance with Oklahoma Telecommunications Act of 1997


GVNW has administered the Pennsylvania Universal Service Fund (PAUSF) since 2017. The PAUSF was created by Final Rulemaking Order November 29, 2000.