Rural Economic Development

The economic survival of America’s rural communities is in jeopardy. And just as no two communities are exactly the same, there is no single recipe for prosperity. GVNW’s comprehensive economic development services are designed to help rural communities survive in today’s “new” economy by identifying and cultivating their strengths so they can successfully compete.

Our Rural Economic Development Experts are committed to working closely with your company. We can provide the expertise to assist you in helping the communities in your service area not only survive, but thrive.

Rural Economic Realities

For any rural community to compete in today’s global economy, its development efforts must reflect the demands of the “new” economy—jobs, wealth and prosperity. These critical components must be built on innovation and investment while still maintaining each community’s unique values and ideals. Rural America’s competitive advantage rests on its ability to drive innovations through talent and technology.

Today, a community’s economic prospects depend on several key components, including a well-trained and flexible workforce, access to technology and capital, cultural and natural amenities and a strong civic infrastructure.

While Federal and state governments are willing to help and support in these areas, it is local creativity, investment, adaptability and perseverance that will ultimately be the difference between surviving and thriving.

Rural Economic Development Services

  • Community and demographic analysis to determine economic development opportunities and needs
  • Research legislation, network and training options
  • Conduct forums to determine the composition of specific economic development
  • Identify business opportunities, research partnership prospects
  • Determine financing needs and evaluate potential funding sources
  • Prepare a business plan appropriate for submission to private investors or government
  • Assist with presentation and promotion of the final plan to appropriate decision makers