Jeffry H. Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Tualatin, OR
(503) 612-4400

Jeff was elected President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) by the Board of Directors on May 8, 2013.

Jeff has 35 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, all of which have been devoted to the advocacy of rural carrier issues. Jeff is the principal author of GVNW’s federal regulatory filings, and is a frequent speaker at seminars. Jeff’s projects for clients encompass the entire spectrum of regulatory and legislative support, including federal advocacy, FCC compliance support and regulatory and legislative testimony, cost studies, costing analysis, cost allocation methods, and business case analysis.

Jeff joined GVNW’s Western Region office in 1996 with prior consulting and industry experience. Jeff has served on the USTA Board of Directors and Small Company Committee, and is currently a member of NTCA’s Industry Committee. Jeff was a charter member of both the Portland Group and Expanded Portland Groups, predecessor groups to the Rural Alliance and was a participating observer on the Rural Alliance Steering Committee. During the Rural Task Force (RTF) effort in 2000-2001, Jeff served in a staff capacity to the RTF. In the first half of 2007, Jeff was heavily involved in the development of the Wireless Carrier Actual Cost (WiCAC) proposal to replace identical support for CETCs.

Jeff’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pacific Lutheran University in 1978 where he graduated summa cum laude.