IP Network Management & Analysis

Maximize your Network's potential and generate additional revenue.         
  • Customized IP Solutions
  • Network Design
  • Project Management
  • Custom Reports and Feasibility Studies
  • Contract and Price Negotiation
  • Vendor RFP / RFQ
  • Development of Disaster Mitigation Planli>
  • Data Tracking and Cost of Service Analysis
  • Quantify Network Use

Regulatory Compliance & Cost Studies

Managing all aspects and complexities of Federal & State compliance.
  • Review, assist and complete FCC/NECA data requests, filings and reporting
  • Local benchmark rate evaluation & implementation
  • Intercarrier compensation analysis & forecasts
  • Corporate financial management support
  • Regulatory compliance reports

National Advocacy Services

Services to help accomplish your goals at the National and State levels.
  • Customized communications strategies
  • Proactive advocacy plans
  • Monitor legislation & federal policies
  • Attend & participate in national association committees
  • File comments with FCC on your behalf
  • Develop testimony for congressional hearings

Revenue Assurance Services

Realize increases in revenue, improved cash-flow and cost reductions.
  • Application of tariff rates/terms
  • Proper application of jurisdictional factors
  • Meet Point Billing percentages
  • Application of mileages as specified in NECA FCC #4
  • Company recorded switch records and access usage records
  • Special access circuit assignment validation
  • Billing accuracy